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Singer Silver - 19th September 2010

"Really good! The whole experience!"

Rosie Dickens

Singer Gold - 19th September 2010

"I had such an awesome experience! Everything I hoped and more. Started off super nervous and the equipment looked kind of scary but soon I felt at ease. Friendly staff and a professional enviroment. Best christmas present ever!"

Shayan Amid

Singer Silver - 19th September 2010

"Great experience, I love to sing and I was really impressed by the professional surroundings in the studio, all the equipment was hi-tech. The finish result was great and mush better than I thought it would be!"

Glamour Gurlz

Pop Star Party Silver - 18th September 2010

"Great experience, brilliant, such an amazing experience, had such fun. Thank you. "

Yeh But No

Pop Star Party Gold - 18th September 2010

"Pauls awesome! We had a really great time enjoying every second of the experience. It was amazing! I could do it all day everyday. It rocks! Try it. PS by our album - YEH BUT NO"


Pop Star Party Gold - 18th September 2010

"It was loads of fun and I think that all of my friends enjoyed it. My friend Bailey said it was great and Elouise said it was probably the best party ever. Lucy said one word: Excellent! Thanks alot, Stevie and friends"

Matthew Slade

Singer Silver Plus - 18th September 2010

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Gift Daze. I am very into singing so I was very happy when I was told I was going to be recording some songs. I would definitely come back if I had the chance to!"

California Girlz

Pop Star Party Gold - 18th September 2010

"Once in a lifetime experience! You dont get to go to a recording studio every day! A great opportunity and I loved it! Best party ever! Paul was excellent!"

Amie Slade

Singer Platinum - 18th September 2010

"I'd been meaning to record some songs for years but never quite got around to it so I was delighted to recieve a singer platinum experience for my 21st birthday. The recording day was fantastic, I was totally put at ease throughout and was very pleased with the end result. I would definitely come back if I wanted to record anymore songs!"


Pop Star Party Gold - 17th September 2010

"Fantastic, the children had a fabulous time. Very professional set up and Dale was excellent. Thank you very much for making Charlotte's birthday party really special."

Sharon Walker

Singer Silver - 17th September 2010

"Great present from my office."


Singer Silver Plus - 17th September 2010

"Staff were friendly and made us all feel welcome. The producer made me feel relaxed and was professional. Will be doing this again."

Katie Simmons

Singer Emerald - 14th September 2010

"I had a brilliant day, it flew by as I had so much fun. Dale was great, very friendly and helpful! A relaxing enviroment, would definitely come back and recommend to anyone! Fantastic day!"

Julie Allen and Family

Singer Gold - 12th September 2010

"A really fun experience that 'everyone' should do at least once in their lifetime! Thank you Dale."

Spencer Mitchell

Singer Gold - 12th September 2010

"I really enjoyed it. Scary at first but real fun time and my best birthday present ever!"

Emma McIntosh

Singer Silver - 11th September 2010

"A birthday suprise that surpassed my expectations. A lovely private and comfortable experience. I would definitely recommend and we will be coming back for another go - in a group! Thanks for being welcoming and making my 26th birthday one to remember! Cheers, Emma."

Dizzy Dreamers

Pop Star Party Platinum - 11th September 2010

"This was our third party at Gift Daze - it is fabulous. After our first kids party it was so great we came back with our friends and had an adults party! Great fun - will be doing it again."

Rainbow Drops

Pop Star Party Silver - 11th September 2010

"Thanks Paul! What a fantastic experience my friends and I will remember for ever. From start to finish you made our day."

Loopy Lushes

Pop Star Party Platinum - 5th September 2010

"Amazing - we feel like popstare. Everyone has had a totally wonderful time. Thank you."

Perry Dowell

Singer Gold Plus - 5th September 2010

"I was quite nervous to start, but the staff are amazing and have made me feel at ease. The whole experience was fantastic and I will definitely be coming back!"

Tiffany Davis

Singer Platinum - 5th September 2010

"It was a really good experience. I wanted to do it for a long time and I would like to come again."


Pop Star Party Gold - 4th September 2010

"The girls all felt like popstars and said it was a fantastic experience and would recommend it to all of their friends! Thank you!"

Charlie and Rebecca

Singer Silver - 4th September 2010

"Having arrived we found the studio and reception to be very professional. The recording engineer (Dale) was excellent in his explaination on the procedure. We have both enjoyed the experience."

5th Dementia (formerly the Y Factor)

Pop Star Party Platinum - 4th September 2010

"'You've gotta feel it!' eeh eeh eeh! We'll be back next year. Dale is lovely but does not own the golf course! Rock on."

Tilly Keeper

Singer Gold - 1st September 2010

"I had lots of fun today, the way the CD was produced was very professional! I definitely recommend it."

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