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Sara Lawson

Singer Emerald - 6th January 2011

"It was a brilliant experience! I felt really relaxed and was amazed by the end product - Dale managed to make my voice sound great! I'd definitely love to do it again. Thank you so much for a great birthday present!"

Georgia Burrows

Singer Platinum - 30th December 2010

"I had an amazing experience, they have a lot of backing tracks so it's easy to decide on your song. The people that work here are really nice and the studio was enjoyable. I want to come back again."

Katie and Victoria

Singer Silver - 29th December 2010

"We had a great time recording our song. We were made to feel very comfortable from the beginning."

Robyn Everett

Singer Silver Plus - 29th December 2010

"Fun! Felt nervous at first but better as the track was edited! Didn't feel any pressure - just calm!"

Colin, Michelle, Morgan and Charlie

Singer Gold - 23rd December 2010

"Fantastic fun for all the family, infact the adults probably enjoyed it even more than the kids! Dale was very accomadating and even up specialy with the snow. Thank you very much!"

Ellie and Mia

Songwriter Platinum - 16th December 2010

"Our experience with Gift Daze was something we have wanted to for a long time and luckily we got the chance to do it. We are very grateful now we have the song we wrote. It is every girls dream. We are also very grateful to Dale Nash who made the amazing song which is now ours."

Stephen and Helen Conacher

Player Gold - 15th December 2010

"Lots more fun than I thought it would be, Very easy to get going. A good professional set up, we got a lot done!"

Emily Montford

Singer Silver Plus - 15th December 2010

"I had a really great time, Dale was very helpful and I had loads of fun!"

Gail and Mark

Singer Gold - 15th December 2010

"Great fun! Dale put us both at ease and was very encouraging, especially for the non-singer of the two of us. We really enjoyed the experience and may come back to cut an album!"

Paige and Megan

Singer Emerald - 14th December 2010

"We had an amazing time, we felt comfortable, welcome and was made to feel like popstars for a day! We would definitely come back again! Thanks for making our day special!"

Phil Dolphin

Band Gold - 11th December 2010

"Fantastic day. Audio Sorcery by name Audio Sorcery by nature! Finished product superb well done guys."

Tarriann and Velia

Singer Gold Plus - 10th December 2010

"We really enjoyed ourselves, Dale was really nice to work with and we would come back."

Leona Garvey

Singer Silver - 8th December 2010

"I had an awesome time, regardless of making a few mistakes, was very enjoyable and thrilling!"

Annika Goldspink

Singer Platinum - 5th December 2010

"What a fantastic time we had. The wonders of the mixing desk and Dale can make any sing and sound like Celine Dion. Dale made us feel totally at ease with many words of encouragement and was ultra generous with his praise! Do we think you'd enjoy it? - Absolutely! Book now for a day of fun and enjoyment!"

Alan Griffin

Singer Silver - 5th December 2010

"Excellent, really enjoyable. Great birthday present."

Pop Princesses

Pop Star Party Gold - 28th November 2010

"A lovely time had by all the girls and mum watching! It was wonderful to see the girls confidence grow in front of us. Thank you very much for this special memory."

Wrong Direction

Pop Star Party Gold - 28th November 2010

"Was really good and had an awesome time. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants have a laugh!"

Karl Damms

Singer Silver Plus - 28th November 2010

"Friendly, professional and easy to find. Would definitely do it again and would recommend it to any one."

The Sundays

Pop Star Party Gold - 27th November 2010

"We really liked it. It was the best party in the WORLD! Thank you so much!"

Shauna Sutton

Singer Silver - 27th November 2010

"Very enjoyable. Magical moment."

Megan and Jackie

Singer Gold - 27th November 2010

"Very enjoyable once the nerves settled (but they weren't as bad as I thought they'd be!) Dale was very nice and helped us feel ok about things. Would do it again now we know what to expect - ost enjoyable experience! X-Factor here we come!"

Hollie Gregg

Singer Silver Plus - 27th November 2010

"The experience was amazing, singing had always been a part of me! I love singing, it made me feel like a proper singing star! I enjoyed all the equipment they use and like how he mixed it all together to make a final take. Thank you ever so much! Hollie x"

Jemma Chamberlain-Webber

Singer Silver Plus - 24th November 2010

"I enjoyed the recording, Paul was extremely helpful and included everything that was expected. The photo on the CD's is a lovely touch! Great confidence booster, to be highly recommended."

Charlotte McCarthy

Singer Silver Plus - 21st November 2010

"The experience was really good and is a long trip from gravesend but is definitely worth it! The set up is ideal and it's great having someone nice to talk to. Something I would definitely do again."

Five Dimension

Pop Star Party Gold - 20th November 2010

"Absolutely a great experience and my son thought it was his best birthday party!! Thoroughly recommend."

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