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Billie Main

Singer Silver - 15th October 2010

"Billie enjoyed her experience very much she described it as excellent!! And a wonderful birthday present. Billie's family enjoyed watching in the green room and glad we could share the experience with Billie. Everyone has had a lovely time. Thank you! The Main Family."

10th Wish

Pop Star Party Silver - 10th October 2010

"Overall, a great fun experience, easy to use equipment and great facilities. Would definitely come again. Best fun I have had in years and the best 14th birthday ever! P.S. Loved all the mirrors and the guy who helped us, Dale, Very nice."

Sparkling Spotlights

Pop Star Party Gold - 10th October 2010

"'Sparkling Spotlights' had a brilliant experience and when we are older we will be back to record more songs!"

Len and Cathy

Player Silver - 10th October 2010

"A great experience! A little nervous on arrival but after several takes we relaxed a little! And the wine helped too. Great time. Dale was very encouraging!"

Zoe Andrews

Singer Platinum - 10th October 2010

"It was a great experience. Very nervous to begin with, but soon got into it. Would love to do it again!"


Pop Star Party Gold - 9th October 2010

"Thoroughly fantastic! Dale was very patient, enthusiastic and understanding. Helped make the whole experience so much fun with a great result."

Mia and Harriet

Singer Gold Plus - 9th October 2010

"It was extremly fab! We are going to come again because it was so amazing. Thank you for a wonderful day, we hope to see you soon!"

Keith Hammond

Singer Silver Plus - 7th October 2010

"A very enjoayble time. Paul made me feel relaxed and even sound 1/2 decent! It's something I'd wish I'd done before and I will definitely do it again."


Player Silver - 4th October 2010


Star Burst

Pop Star Party Diamond - 3rd October 2010

"A great afternoon of fun - nice to find a party that boys and girls could both enjoy! Would definitely do it again. Many thanks for your help and patience!"


Pop Star Party Silver - 3rd October 2010

"I booked this for my daughters 8th birthday, they had such a fantastic time. All the girls agreed that it was an excellent experience and want to come back and do it again! Watch out Katy Perry - The Shimmers are out to get cha!"

Bruce Ferting

Singer Silver - 3rd October 2010

"I've never sung before (except in the car and messing around on 'singstar') I play the tenor saxophone and at first this experience felt like taking a music exam. However I was soon able to relax and enjoy the session. The results for a non-singer was much better than I expected and I'm pleased I did it. I would thoroughly recommend the experience to others."

Echo 6 - Daniela

Pop Star Party Gold - 2nd October 2010

"Fantastic time. Great experience. We are definitely coming back. We now feel like ROCK STARS!!! Wooo Echo 6!"


Pop Star Party Gold - 2nd October 2010

"six 11 year old girls had a great time. It's a lot of giggles and showing off. Got a really good CD to remember this afternoon."

Glamour Girls - Caela

Pop Star Party Silver - 2nd October 2010

"I really loved this Pop Star Party. It was really funny! This was the best birthday party ever!"


Singer Gold - 2nd October 2010

"Was really fun, it was a new experience for me which I really enjoyed. Thank you!"

Victoria Lilley

Singer Silver Plus - 2nd October 2010

"I loved the experience, it was fantastic. I will tell everyone about it!"

Abigail King

Singer Gold - 2nd October 2010

"There is nothing to be nervous about as you are made to feel comfortable and welcome. It is so much fun, which is why I come back to sing every year! A valuable experience not to be missed."

Deborah and Claire

Singer Emerald - 2nd October 2010

"This is the forth visit and once again thoroughly enjoyable, great fun and well worth losing our voice for! Claires first experience and she's talking about booking again. Thanks guys."

Hayley Jane Cobain

Singer Gold - 30th September 2010

"It was a very professional experience. I was very nervous at the start but once I got into it, it was great fun and would come back to do it again."

Katie O' Brien

Singer Silver - 29th September 2010

"It was good to know how music works. It was a great experience."

Velia Coyne

Singer Silver - 29th September 2010

"I think the studio is really good and helpful. I would like to come back."


Pop Star Party Platinum - 26th September 2010

"Great fun for all."

Six Chix

Pop Star Party Gold - 25th September 2010

"Fab birthday party idea. Great fun. Thanks you."

Unlucky Voices

Pop Star Party Silver - 25th September 2010

"Great experience - bit of advice...have a practice before you come! A good laugh though and very patient staff!"

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