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Colin Chapman

Songwriter Platinum - 24th September 2010

"An excellent day. I came here with my song and guitar and Paul has produced a fantastic sound for me including drums, bass, piano and strings. I never thought my song would sound so good. All done in a freindly relaxed atmosphere. I thoroughly recommend this Gift Daze experience and I will be back soon with another song to be transformed. Thank you!"

Don Carosielli

Singer Silver Plus - 22nd September 2010

"A brilliant session. Expertly produced, quality equipment. Made me sound better than I could be! LOL! Thank you. Very polite, I would recommend this experience to anyone with a singing flair."

Store Credit

Pop Star Party Silver - 19th September 2010

"We thought it was really good! The whole experience! Profesional equipment and service. We will definitely come back."


Singer Silver - 19th September 2010

"Really good! The whole experience!"

Rosie Dickens

Singer Gold - 19th September 2010

"I had such an awesome experience! Everything I hoped and more. Started off super nervous and the equipment looked kind of scary but soon I felt at ease. Friendly staff and a professional enviroment. Best christmas present ever!"

Shayan Amid

Singer Silver - 19th September 2010

"Great experience, I love to sing and I was really impressed by the professional surroundings in the studio, all the equipment was hi-tech. The finish result was great and mush better than I thought it would be!"

Glamour Gurlz

Pop Star Party Silver - 18th September 2010

"Great experience, brilliant, such an amazing experience, had such fun. Thank you. "

Yeh But No

Pop Star Party Gold - 18th September 2010

"Pauls awesome! We had a really great time enjoying every second of the experience. It was amazing! I could do it all day everyday. It rocks! Try it. PS by our album - YEH BUT NO"


Pop Star Party Gold - 18th September 2010

"It was loads of fun and I think that all of my friends enjoyed it. My friend Bailey said it was great and Elouise said it was probably the best party ever. Lucy said one word: Excellent! Thanks alot, Stevie and friends"

Matthew Slade

Singer Silver Plus - 18th September 2010

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Gift Daze. I am very into singing so I was very happy when I was told I was going to be recording some songs. I would definitely come back if I had the chance to!"

California Girlz

Pop Star Party Gold - 18th September 2010

"Once in a lifetime experience! You dont get to go to a recording studio every day! A great opportunity and I loved it! Best party ever! Paul was excellent!"

Amie Slade

Singer Platinum - 18th September 2010

"I'd been meaning to record some songs for years but never quite got around to it so I was delighted to recieve a singer platinum experience for my 21st birthday. The recording day was fantastic, I was totally put at ease throughout and was very pleased with the end result. I would definitely come back if I wanted to record anymore songs!"


Pop Star Party Gold - 17th September 2010

"Fantastic, the children had a fabulous time. Very professional set up and Dale was excellent. Thank you very much for making Charlotte's birthday party really special."

Sharon Walker

Singer Silver - 17th September 2010

"Great present from my office."


Singer Silver Plus - 17th September 2010

"Staff were friendly and made us all feel welcome. The producer made me feel relaxed and was professional. Will be doing this again."

Katie Simmons

Singer Emerald - 14th September 2010

"I had a brilliant day, it flew by as I had so much fun. Dale was great, very friendly and helpful! A relaxing enviroment, would definitely come back and recommend to anyone! Fantastic day!"

Julie Allen and Family

Singer Gold - 12th September 2010

"A really fun experience that 'everyone' should do at least once in their lifetime! Thank you Dale."

Spencer Mitchell

Singer Gold - 12th September 2010

"I really enjoyed it. Scary at first but real fun time and my best birthday present ever!"

Emma McIntosh

Singer Silver - 11th September 2010

"A birthday suprise that surpassed my expectations. A lovely private and comfortable experience. I would definitely recommend and we will be coming back for another go - in a group! Thanks for being welcoming and making my 26th birthday one to remember! Cheers, Emma."

Dizzy Dreamers

Pop Star Party Platinum - 11th September 2010

"This was our third party at Gift Daze - it is fabulous. After our first kids party it was so great we came back with our friends and had an adults party! Great fun - will be doing it again."

Rainbow Drops

Pop Star Party Silver - 11th September 2010

"Thanks Paul! What a fantastic experience my friends and I will remember for ever. From start to finish you made our day."

Loopy Lushes

Pop Star Party Platinum - 5th September 2010

"Amazing - we feel like popstare. Everyone has had a totally wonderful time. Thank you."

Perry Dowell

Singer Gold Plus - 5th September 2010

"I was quite nervous to start, but the staff are amazing and have made me feel at ease. The whole experience was fantastic and I will definitely be coming back!"

Tiffany Davis

Singer Platinum - 5th September 2010

"It was a really good experience. I wanted to do it for a long time and I would like to come again."


Pop Star Party Gold - 4th September 2010

"The girls all felt like popstars and said it was a fantastic experience and would recommend it to all of their friends! Thank you!"

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