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Kira and Bethany

Singer Silver - 14th March 2009

"We had loads of fun putting on the headphones and singing. It was funny when we heard our voice on the CD!"

Mark Jones

Singer Platinum - 13th March 2009

"Came here 1 year ago for a laugh and really enjoyed it, so I came back for more and it has made me believe I can actually sing!! Ii's amazing what these wizaeds can do with their machines! Cheers boys, See you next time."

Marie Ralph

Singer Silver - 13th March 2009

"Fantastic fun, I was nervous but can't how easy it was! You made me sound great!"

Shay Lindsay

Singer Gold - 13th March 2009

"Very enjoyable. Was very nervous at the start but made to feel very welcome. Dale was very professional and really helpful. Overall a brilliant day out and just want to do more! Cheers!"

John, Simon, Matthew & Grandad

Band Platinum - 13th March 2009

"Great day all round. Would love to come again! Special thanks for getting Grandad into the studio to join us for 'monkey noises' on the jungle book number. An unforgettable experience!"


Player Platinum - 12th March 2009

"Thoroughly enjoyable morning with some excellent results to take home. Amazed you almost made me sound like I know what I was doing! Will certainly come back to produce additional tracks"

Heeral & Lesley-Anne

Singer Silver Plus - 11th March 2009

"This is a great way to celebrate! We had a fabulous time and will definitely be back for more."

Steve Stocks

Singer Platinum - 10th March 2009

"A very enjoyable experience, something I've never done before and I can't believe it's me singing! Would recommend it to all those budding singers."

Suzie and Nick

Singer Platinum - 9th March 2009

"Suzie - This is the next stage up for the karaoke enthusiast. Whilst the whole experience is professional, it gives even the most amature singer an oppotunity to shine. Nick - Brilliant, wicked, fantastic! Dale was a star to put up with me and made me sound Bearable!!"

Sophie Brown

Singer Gold - 8th March 2009

"I had a great time, had lots of funny moments. Found it interesting. I would definitely come again! Very friendly and helpful staff. He made us relax and we really enjoyed it!"

Lucy Cleeve

Singer Emerald - 7th March 2009

"Thanks for yesterday. Yet again another success and 7 well polished songs."


Singer Silver - 7th March 2009

"Very, very enjoyable, lots of laughs & great experience! Very professional & great staff! Recommend highly!!"

Sarah Rundle

Songwriter Platinum - 6th March 2009

"Brilliant. Nervous to begin with but certainly got into it. The staff make you feel like a star, it's excellent. Will do it again one day."

Hannah Jones

Singer Gold - 6th March 2009

"Fantastic day - Very professional and a lot of fun!"


Singer Gold - 6th March 2009

"A very exciting way to hear your voice, I found the experience very rewarding and enjoyed it so much. Dale helped me to get singing and I was not nervous at all. A very enjoyable experience - alot of fun. I would like to do some more! Thank you."

Charley Court

Singer Platinum - 5th March 2009

"I had a really good day here with my mum, I didn't feel embaressed or awkard at all and felt quite comfortable."

John Spurgeon

Singer Gold - 5th March 2009

"Very good day and very professionally done. Enjoyed every minute of it."

Brooke Ludlow

Singer Silver - 4th March 2009

"Very enjoyable. I had lots of fun doing it!"

Sherri Marie Skipp

Singer Gold - 4th March 2009

"It is very professional and you are made to feel very comfotable if you are nervous."

Lyndsay Mattews

Singer Gold - 4th March 2009

"After feeling incredibly nervous, Dale put me at ease. Thoroughly enjoyable. Definitely will book another recording session in the future."

Paige and George

Singer Gold - 4th March 2009

"Paige - Exciting, wanted to do more. Very Nice. George - Very helpful and relaxing. Very Professionally handled."


Singer Silver - 2nd March 2009

"It was a great experience from start to finish. I'll be back. Made to feel very relaxed. Brill!"

Funky Monkeys

Singer Silver - 1st March 2009

"Fabulous, amazing, we felt like popstars!"

Beth Massey

Singer Silver - 28th February 2009

"It was so much fun and I really want to do it again! The singing was so much fun and I was lucky that they could take the best bits from each song!"

Anne-Marie and Jessica

Player Platinum - 27th February 2009

"ANNE-MARIE> A briliant experience. Amazing to see how you can take a simple tune or song and turn it into something sounding professional! Very friendly and professional service. JESSICA> I had a great time!!! I felt like a professional singer and pianist. The service was lovely and it was a super experience!!!"

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