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Shona Dick

Singer Gold - 23rd October 2010

"Had a great time. Really enjoyed the experience of singing in a real studio. Would definitely recommend to anyone."

The Dreamers

Pop Star Party Gold - 23rd October 2010

"Excellent time was had. Kids really enjoyed themselves. Brilliant idea for the childrens party."

Eddie McNulty

Singer Gold - 21st October 2010

"Brilliant experience, really enjoyed it (it's amazing what them machines can do, even I sounded half decent!) Dale was very friendly and encouraging. If you like to sing I would definitely recommend a session."

Isabella Harding

Singer Silver Plus - 21st October 2010

"I had a great time, I was made very welcome and would definitely do it again."

Sadie and Mark Elliot

Singer Platinum - 20th October 2010

"Great experience, Very professional. A lot of fun."

Joshua and Craig

Singer Silver Plus - 17th October 2010

"This was really fun, I really enojoyed it and can't wait to listen and watch the DVD. Next year I am going record myself and Josh singing again. It was a great birthday present!"

Blame it on Amit!

Pop Star Party Emerald - 16th October 2010

"Beats the ironing! Made a truely embarrasing experience into something thoroughly enjoyable, exciting and memorable. Thank you"


Pop Star Party Emerald - 16th October 2010

"A great time was had by all. Would recommend to anyone."

Shooting Stars

Pop Star Party Emerald - 16th October 2010

"A great time was had by all. Would recommend to anyone."

All Starz

Pop Star Party Platinum - 16th October 2010

"It was one of the best parties I have ever had it was excellent! Me and my friends loved it so did I. Thank you Gift Daze and Paul."

Megan Rose Fry

Singer Platinum - 15th October 2010

"It was really fun and enjoyed every minute of it."

Billie Main

Singer Silver - 15th October 2010

"Billie enjoyed her experience very much she described it as excellent!! And a wonderful birthday present. Billie's family enjoyed watching in the green room and glad we could share the experience with Billie. Everyone has had a lovely time. Thank you! The Main Family."

10th Wish

Pop Star Party Silver - 10th October 2010

"Overall, a great fun experience, easy to use equipment and great facilities. Would definitely come again. Best fun I have had in years and the best 14th birthday ever! P.S. Loved all the mirrors and the guy who helped us, Dale, Very nice."

Sparkling Spotlights

Pop Star Party Gold - 10th October 2010

"'Sparkling Spotlights' had a brilliant experience and when we are older we will be back to record more songs!"

Len and Cathy

Player Silver - 10th October 2010

"A great experience! A little nervous on arrival but after several takes we relaxed a little! And the wine helped too. Great time. Dale was very encouraging!"

Zoe Andrews

Singer Platinum - 10th October 2010

"It was a great experience. Very nervous to begin with, but soon got into it. Would love to do it again!"


Pop Star Party Gold - 9th October 2010

"Thoroughly fantastic! Dale was very patient, enthusiastic and understanding. Helped make the whole experience so much fun with a great result."

Mia and Harriet

Singer Gold Plus - 9th October 2010

"It was extremly fab! We are going to come again because it was so amazing. Thank you for a wonderful day, we hope to see you soon!"

Keith Hammond

Singer Silver Plus - 7th October 2010

"A very enjoayble time. Paul made me feel relaxed and even sound 1/2 decent! It's something I'd wish I'd done before and I will definitely do it again."


Player Silver - 4th October 2010


Star Burst

Pop Star Party Diamond - 3rd October 2010

"A great afternoon of fun - nice to find a party that boys and girls could both enjoy! Would definitely do it again. Many thanks for your help and patience!"


Pop Star Party Silver - 3rd October 2010

"I booked this for my daughters 8th birthday, they had such a fantastic time. All the girls agreed that it was an excellent experience and want to come back and do it again! Watch out Katy Perry - The Shimmers are out to get cha!"

Bruce Ferting

Singer Silver - 3rd October 2010

"I've never sung before (except in the car and messing around on 'singstar') I play the tenor saxophone and at first this experience felt like taking a music exam. However I was soon able to relax and enjoy the session. The results for a non-singer was much better than I expected and I'm pleased I did it. I would thoroughly recommend the experience to others."

Echo 6 - Daniela

Pop Star Party Gold - 2nd October 2010

"Fantastic time. Great experience. We are definitely coming back. We now feel like ROCK STARS!!! Wooo Echo 6!"


Pop Star Party Gold - 2nd October 2010

"six 11 year old girls had a great time. It's a lot of giggles and showing off. Got a really good CD to remember this afternoon."

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