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Andy and Billy

Singer Gold Plus - 22nd May 2009

"Absolutely brilliant day, Dale is 'The Man' on the computer. Will definitely be back."

Mark Johnson

Songwriter Platinum - 22nd May 2009

"My second visit to Audio Sorcery, this time with an original song. It was a thrill to hear it being brought to life, another wonderful day and experience here. Many many thanks to Paul and Dale"

Emma and Sarah

Singer Platinum - 21st May 2009

"Had a fantastic day. Was very well looked after, thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Can't wait to come back again! (Emma) Once over the first fits of laughter at the beginning!! I had a great day. Would definitely come back again. (Sarah)"

Chris Faith

Singer Silver Plus - 21st May 2009

"Nervous at first but was easy after one take. Loved every minute would recommend to any budding singers. Thanks to all my family. :)"

Lyndsay and Michelle

Singer Gold - 21st May 2009

"Had a great time! Soon lost the nerves. Will definitely come again with my trusty side-kick! :P Fantastic experience. A great thing to put on your 'To Do List'! Well recommended. :)"

Pete Johnston

Player Platinum - 19th May 2009

"Brilliant time. Paul and Dale were very hospitable and made my average rock song sound 'stadium'. What a laugh!"

Charlotte Banks

Singer Silver - 17th May 2009

"Brilliant, really enjoyed myself, excellent experience. Staff really friendly and kind."

Lily Hardy

Singer Gold - 17th May 2009

"The recording studio is so cool, I enjoyed it sooooo much! I would so come back again to sing more songs. I cannot wait until I listen to all my songs on the cd's. I loved it! It was such a great experience."

Abbi Holunesbee

Singer Silver Plus - 15th May 2009

"I really enjoyed my time here and was made to feel at ease throughout. Would definitely come again."

Amelia Morgan

Singer Gold - 10th May 2009

"The experience was brilliant fun and any nerves quickly went, leading for a brilliant time. I loved it and would definitely recommend other people to try it. Thank you."

Jodie and Kirsty

Singer Silver Plus - 9th May 2009

"My daughters have had a brilliant time and really enjoyed the experience. The Girls said Dale was really friendly and helpful, he made them feel very relaxed. I just know they want to come back again! A great birthday treat!!"

Julie and Louise

Singer Platinum - 9th May 2009

"Really enjoyable session - A bit nervous to start with but were made to feel at ease - Great fun!!"

Jade Earley

Singer Silver - 8th May 2009

"I had so much fun! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you very much, I only wish I had longer and the chance to record more songs! I will definitely be back soon!"

Stephanie Hopper

Hen Party Platinum - 2nd May 2009

"We were made very welcome. The attitude of Dale made us feel very relaxed and he was encouraging. He got the best out of us."


Singer Silver - 25th April 2009

"It was so fun and enjoyable. I'm so glad I come and I thank everyone who helped. Thank you so much."

Kimberley Betts

Singer Silver - 25th April 2009

"Very nervous but in this relaxed atmosphere you can't help but start to enjoy yourself. Thouroghly enjoyable."

Katie Metcalfe

Player Gold - 25th April 2009

"It was hard but I did it in the end and I ended up with a great CD"


Singer Silver - 25th April 2009

"I had a great time, I can't wait to do it again."

Paul Gibbs

Singer Diamond - 19th April 2009

"Thanks a million, what a great experience from start to finish. This is a must for anyone interested in singing! Once again thanks Dale and The Team. A* Experience!"

Mark Slade

Songwriter Platinum - 19th April 2009

"Fantastic day. Nervous to begin with but out at ease very quickly. The finished article was much better than ever expected. Very highly recommended."

Alan Bewsey

Singer Gold - 17th April 2009

"Nice casual aproach."

Ellee Prior

Singer Platinum - 17th April 2009

"Was bervous at first but soon settled in after the first song. An amazing experience and would recommend it."

Liz Bryne

Singer Silver - 16th April 2009

"Having never done anything like this before I felt nervous but was made to feel very at ease. The staff were very professional and defnitely made the most of my voice. Great experience. Thanks so much."

Lauren Canning

Singer Platinum - 16th April 2009

"I really enjoyed my experience in the studio and time seemed to fly by. Any nerves I had disappeared after the first take. The only thing that was slightly disconcerting was my mum staring at me through the glass and dancing in the corner!"

Tashan Gilardi

Singer Platinum - 15th April 2009

"This has been the most fantastic experience of my life. I had so much fun singing and it sounded amazing. Dale was brilliant and gave good encouragement. I would recommend this experience to friends and family."

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