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Singer Silver Plus - 10th January 2009

"I thought it was a proper life experience and I really enjoyed it! I felt like a popstar in there and when I listened back to it I didn't know it was me! I thought the staff were great and it was amazing!"

Mel and Hannah

Singer Silver - 9th January 2009

"T'was a laugh! It was very cool!"

Lauren Tovey

Singer Silver - 9th January 2009

"A thoroughly enjoyable experience - great fun for everyone, with or without singing ability. loved it!"

Joshua Martin

Singer Gold - 5th January 2009

"This was my first time doing something like this and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait do it again soon! It's my birthday soon so I know what I'll be asking my parents for!"

Carly Holloway

Singer Emerald - 3rd January 2009

"I've really enjoyed myself, couldn't of asked for a better time a great day! Thank you!"

Jane Dawden

Singer Silver Plus - 23rd December 2008

"A great experience- I was really given the time to get the performance I wanted. Thank you so much, I will be recommending you to all my friends!"

Jannah Wisher

Singer Gold - 22nd December 2008

"I was nervous going in but the whole time I was there I had fun and it was most memorable. I love the whole thing and I am definitely doing it again! "

Ashleigh Lock

Singer Silver - 20th December 2008

"I felt nervous at first but as I started singing I calmed down a bit. I enjoyed it a lot and wish to come back in the future."

Hayleigh and Chloe

Singer Gold - 20th December 2008

"It was really really good, we didn't think we could sing but when they mixed it, it sounded excellent! It was a life time experience."

Juliet Johnson

Singer Gold - 20th December 2008

"Such a great experience- Fun and relaxed and Dale was soooo patient!"

Ben Exall

Singer Gold - 20th December 2008

"I really enjoyed todays recording studio experience, it gave me an opportunity to work in a professional studio with professional equipment. This is my second visit to Giftdaze and I will definitely be returning for a third."

Melissa Heyburn

Singer Gold - 19th December 2008

"I had a really fantastic time! I didn't know that my voice could ever sound like that. I will definitely be coming back for songs and next time I might even bring a couple of friends! Thanks a lot for this experience!"

Kirsty Raggatt

Songwriter Platinum - 19th December 2008

"I recently lost me grandad and wanted to do it in memory of him, after the nerves settled I had a great time. Definitely recommend and do it again. Staff were fantastic, wicked experience."

Hannah and Chloe

Singer Silver - 18th December 2008

"We thought it was really fun- again, it was our second time and we will be back! Thanks!"

Garry Tomlinson

Player Platinum - 11th December 2008

"Really great experience. A little nervous at the start but Paul soon makes you feel at ease. He is very helpful and patient!! I would recommend this experience to any budding musician. The final resulting CD is fantastic!"

Kevin Smith

Singer Gold - 11th December 2008

"The experience was fantastic, shame it had to finish! I would definitely book and come back! Staff made it really relaxed, chilled out and was made very welcome. The final result was amazing. Very professional! Thank you."

Helen Probert

Singer Platinum - 6th December 2008

"Absolutely brilliant- really lovely and very clever staff. They turn crazy noises into proper tunes- magic! Definitely going to be back, it was one of the best things I have ever done! Thank you very much especially to Dale who did all the very clever stuff! Thanks!"

Helena Brewster

Singer Silver Plus - 30th November 2008

"It was very hard but I enjoyed it so much. I have been two times! I recommend you to have a go."

Georgia Myers

Singer Gold - 29th November 2008

"My recording experience was really fun. I felt comfortable and thought it was interesting seeing how a recording studio works. I also thought it was really cool how they mix the music! Overall it was great!"

Rebekah Fisher

Singer Silver - 29th November 2008

"Very relaxed and comfortable. Lots of fun and a good souvenier to show for it! I'll be famous yet! Thanks"

David Alderton

Singer Silver - 28th November 2008

"Great fun - enjoyed the experience, cut my first CD!!"

Sally Carroll

Singer Gold - 28th November 2008

"I was very nervous but put at ease before starting. It was made very easy. Really enjoyed it and will be recommending it to everyone I know. Thank you."

Hannah and Karina

Singer Platinum - 27th November 2008

"Once the nerves subsided a great day had by all. Was made to feel comfortable and 'at home'. A lovely day to spend with family and friends."

Paul Raworth

Singer Platinum - 27th November 2008

"A very professional three hours spent, in a nice enviroment, and very good fun! Great staff."


Singer Gold - 24th November 2008

"Great facilities, Very professional, will recommend to others and probably record something else next year! Wish I hadn't been so nervous that's all. An amazing experience. I really enjoyed it"

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