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Rachel Laycock

Singer Platinum - 2nd February 2010

"Great time, so friendly and loved every minute. No one got annoyed when I messed up! Would definitely do it again!"

Rock Girls

Pop Star Party Silver - 30th January 2010

"2nd Time here, gets better and better!"

The Bright Light Girls

Pop Star Party Platinum - 30th January 2010

"Had a brill time, girls had lots of fun! A great birthday experience, will be talking about this for ages - Thank you!"


Player Silver - 30th January 2010

"A really fun and relaxed experience. I've always wanted to see what a proper studio is like. It's amazing how quickly everything comes together. Highly recommended!! Paul is a studio wizard!"

Amy & Molly

Singer Silver - 30th January 2010

"Bought as a 'joke' present from my husband last Christmas! But was realy good fun - really enjoyed it - and can think of a million people to buy this for! Thank you (Mrs Barlow!)"

Paige-Ann Harris

Singer Gold - 28th January 2010

"I enjoyed my time so much, was very helpful and made me feel very relaxed."

Lorraine Little

Singer Emerald - 28th January 2010

"This is the third time I have been to Gift Daze and each time gets better but goes too quickly! Paul was brilliant, he put me at ease and made me sound great! I Hope to be back again soon!"

Dave Life & The Dreamers

Pop Star Party Gold - 24th January 2010

"From start to finish a thoroughly enjoyable, professional and brilliant experience. Thank you for your patience with our 'musically challenged' family. The kids had a blast as well. We will be very happy to recommend your services to anyone who will hear our single! Thanks for making it such a special day."

Andy Gleeson

Singer Silver Plus - 22nd January 2010

"I had an excellent time recording my songs and was looked after very well. Thank you so much!"

Sandra Williams

Singer Gold - 22nd January 2010

"Really enjoed the session and made to feel at ease when nervous. Very good."

Natasha Vora

Singer Silver Plus - 21st January 2010

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have overcome my fear of singing through this experience. Made my friend & I completely relaxed & comfortable. I am very happy with the songs and the final production & especially the time spent in the studio. I am very happy & pleased with todays experience."

Hot or What

Pop Star Party Emerald - 17th January 2010

"Brilliant experience! Hilarious to watch in the green room. Feels like being a real pop star! We loved it and we hope to come back!"

The Groovy Girls

Pop Star Party Silver - 17th January 2010

"Very enjoyable! Highly recommended. Great fun for all ages."

Girlz Knight

Pop Star Party Gold - 16th January 2010

"The girls after and nervous start warmed up. Lots of giggling and laughter. Thank you."

Nina Greene

Singer Silver Plus - 16th January 2010

"I had a really fantastic time. Dale was very polite and helpful. I would definitely come back again. Thank you very much."

Pigeons Of Death

Player Platinum - 16th January 2010

"Incredibly professional and fantastic atmosphere all round. Paul is a rather special guy, but his imaginary ghost friend was a tad strange. All in all we loved the place and may kidnap Paul and take him home with us. He made a bunch of half-baked weirdos sound rather good which is a feat unto itself."

Mark, Paula and Jon Doyle

Player Platinum - 15th January 2010

"Enjoyed the session, good end result."

Victoria Bienvenu

Singer Gold Plus - 15th January 2010

"Fantastic day, very relaxing and overall a thoroughly enjoyable experience! I recommend it to anyone who love to sing! Bring your family and friends too!"

Olivia Parker

Pop Star Party Silver - 5th January 2010

"We had the best time ever. Paul was such a good producer and a god. My friend was so happy she revealed her darkest secret! Thanks Paul, you rock!"

Rob Croucher

Singer Silver - 5th January 2010

"On arrival we were welcomed to the Green Room to break the ice. After that Paul was very professional and made sure I was at ease as it was my first time. My CD came out great and it turned out to be the perfect Xmas present"

Dave Waters

Singer Silver - 29th December 2009

"I thought Paul was very professional and made me feel at ease straight away. By the time I finished recording, I felt I had achieved something special. This was a suprise Christmas gift worth having (after the initial shock and nerves!) and was an extremely enjoyable experience."

Lanie baxter

Singer Diamond - 17th December 2009

"Fantastic experience. Dale was brilliant. Thanks!"

Clare Ionta

Singer Silver - 17th December 2009

"I had a fantastic time in the studio. Paul was really helpful and fun to work with. Will definitely be coming back to record 10 songs overall. Felt very welcome & comfortable. Thanks Paul."

Freddie and Hugo

Player Silver - 17th December 2009

"Was good and fun. Fun and Helpful."

Mandy Webster

Singer Diamond - 16th December 2009

"Highly recommend to everyone. I had the best experience, something I will never forget. Great working with Paul, makes you feel at ease and very welcome."

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