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Sarah Baldwin

Singer Gold - 28th May 2010

"Brilliant experience, Dale was encouraging, helpful and very professional. Everybody should give it a go!"

Jordan Clark

Singer Silver - 27th May 2010

"I really loved doing this experience as I love singing. I wish I could do something like this again, it was great. Thank you."

Jemma G

Singer Silver - 22nd May 2010

"I had a great time, also I loved the experience because it felt like I was a real pop star!"

Dominic Joyce

Player Diamond - 18th May 2010

"An Excellent day! Fantastic to hear how my rough songs transformed. Recommended."

The Winettes

Singer Gold - 16th May 2010

"Very nervous but Dale put us at ease amd made the whole experience fun."

Kelly Baker

Singer Silver Plus - 16th May 2010

"I enjoyed it very much, it was far better than I thought it would be. The equipment used was amazing. I got to sing each song three times to make sure I was happy with it. It was an amazing experience."

Love Once More

Pop Star Party Silver - 15th May 2010

"We really enjoyed ourselves. It was very fun, if slightly embarrassing! The staff were really friendly and answered all our questions. It was great fun and was an unforgetable experience being a popstar! (Well kind of!)"

Emma Mott

Singer Silver Plus - 15th May 2010

"Had a great time and would come again it's so nice to have a dvd and that friends and family could come. Happy that I could take photos."

Olivia Markantonakis

Singer Diamond - 9th May 2010

"A really great experience, really enjoyed it. I did not feel uncomfortable, I felt at ease and really had fun. Dale was lovely and very friendly. Thank you."

Danielle Wallace

Hen Party Emerald - 8th May 2010

"An absolutely amazing experience. Great fun. Will recommend to all my friends loved every second!"

Saskia Blake

Player Emerald - 8th May 2010

"A really great experience - one of the best birthday presents ever! Thanks Paul."

Paksie Vernon

Singer Platinum - 7th May 2010

"Had a really good time, It's my third time coming and I'd definitely do it again."


Band Platinum - 5th May 2010

"I think that Paul was fantastic, gave good advice with reference to the song structure. The quality that we managed to achieve in a day was incredible and will definitely come back for another sess! Cheers!"

Allan Aldridge

Singer Diamond - 4th May 2010

"Found it to be very very worthwhile. Would love to do it all again. Would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who likes singing"

Megan and Charlotte

Singer Gold - 1st May 2010

"It was very fun and interesting. They let you have 3 goes so if you mess up it doesn't matter. It was amazing I had a great time!"

Sophie and Leah

Singer Gold - 30th April 2010

"Lots of fun. Hilarious fun - and we learned quite a lot too!"

Peter Hopkin

Singer Platinum - 30th April 2010

"Very good experience."

The Midnight River Crew

Songwriter Diamond - 29th April 2010

"My 3rd visit to Audio Sorcery and another fabulous and fascinating experience. I bring a song sketch to the studio and Paul paints the full picture. Many thanks."

Lucy Langmam

Singer Gold Plus - 25th April 2010

"It was a really good experience, built my confidence up. Would definitely recommend it!"

Sarah Houlston

Singer Silver Plus - 25th April 2010

"Great experience really great to hear your voice on CD. Would have liked more time here! Would recommend the experience and will do it again."

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Pop Star Party Platinum - 24th April 2010

"The girls all enjoyed the experience & the adults enjoyed seeing their 'little angels' turn into pop divas!!"

The Rock'n'Rollers

Pop Star Party Gold - 24th April 2010

"Thank you very much! The Boys really enjoyed the experience of being in a proper recoding studio for the first time, and the result was excellent. See you again next year!"

Jodie and Kirsty

Singer Emerald - 16th April 2010

"We really enjoyed ourselves - it was lots of fun and a really great experience. We want to come again!! We felt like pop stars!! Thank you!!"

5 Minutes Late

Band Platinum - 16th April 2010

"Phil: Fantastic day with a brilliant outcome; we have six amazing tracks, which we were able to have total creative input into mixing > with the added spice and special effects of an experienced producer. Jack: An amazing day, with a great outcome! The six songs are awesome! Thanks for the quality stuff dude! Matt: I had a great day, loved every minute of it and would do it again anytime."

Dulcie Bridger

Singer Silver Plus - 12th April 2010

"Great fun way to spend a birthday afternoon"

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