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Jeyda Omer

Singer Silver Plus - 28th February 2010

"I really enjoyed this experience it was brilliant."

Saskia Page - Bonici - Mompalao

Singer Silver - 28th February 2010

"The experience was really great, with a very chilled out relaxed feel. I highly recommend it!"

Phillip Purnell

Singer Silver Plus - 27th February 2010

"Once I had settle and got over the initial nerves I found it very enjoyable. The staff were very helpful and supportive. They made the whole experience very good. I would definitely recommend this to others."


Singer Silver - 27th February 2010

"This was the most fantastic experience ever! It really rocked! Dale was really helpful. Thank you so much, I will be back!"

Faye Jones

Singer Gold - 27th February 2010

"I had a very enjoyable session today, Dale was very encouraging and helped to ease my nerves. I would definitely return for another session."

Mel Costelloe

Singer Silver - 26th February 2010

"Had a very enjoyable, unique day. Got great help and a confidence boost. Would love to come again and recommend it to anyone and everyone!"

Katie Jones

Singer Gold - 26th February 2010

"Found it a great experience, very nervous at the start but you soon feel very comfortable. Loved every minute of it! Thank you!"

Martin Church

Singer Gold - 26th February 2010

"This has to be the best experience I have ever had and the patients of Paul was second to none. If you go for this I can ashore you the best time will be had. I would'nt have missed it for the world."


Singer Gold - 26th February 2010

"I've had a ball and Dale has made me sound like I can really sing!! What a great time - wish I'd booked more songs! Many Thanks."


Singer Gold - 26th February 2010

"I was quite nervous but was made to feel relaxed. I was impressed with how they make you sound 'ok'! Thank you."

Pearce's Angels

Pop Star Party Emerald - 26th February 2010

"Wonderful experience - because we can all sing. Very friendly and very helpful. Relaxing atmosphere, great experience. A real good day out! Thanks Paul."

Gareth Butler

Singer Gold - 26th February 2010

"Really good fun - Dale was very encouraging and managed to splice me together to make me sound half decent!"

Dayzee Potter

Singer Diamond - 25th February 2010

"I had a great time and feel I have achieved what I came for. I felt welcomed not rushed through anything, I'm extremly happy with the end result and would definitely recommend Gift Daze to my friends and family."

Kerry Bartholomew

Singer Silver Plus - 24th February 2010

"Great experience. A must do for anyone, lots of fun once over the nerves! Thank you."


Player Silver - 24th February 2010

"Pete - Excellent session. Good direction, patient and understanding. Paul - Ditto! Constructive criticism well given and relaxed us into it. Thanks"

The Star Sisters

Pop Star Party Silver - 22nd February 2010

"Girls had an amazing time and were made to feel very relaxed. They laughed from beginning to end. Great birthday experience!"

Esther and Anya

Singer Gold - 21st February 2010

"One of the best experiences ever! It was really cool to hear us on C.D! We will remember it forever! Thanks!"

The Daydreamers

Pop Star Party Gold - 21st February 2010

"Experience was great, cool and fun!"

Lauren and Grace

Singer Gold - 21st February 2010

"We both enjoyed the experience as we loved hearing what we sounded like when we did the duet and how it all sounded once edited."

Paul Little

Singer Diamond - 20th February 2010

"Fantastic experience. Dale was brilliant, I soon felt relaxed and totally enjoyed my day. I will be rebooking very soon. Thank you so much."

Leah Naomi Adams

Singer Silver Plus - 19th February 2010

"This is the second time I have done this and it was just as amazing. It's really friendly and everyone is really nice. I would definitely come again and recommend it for anyone who enjoys singing. It seriously sounds imense when you listen to it."

Lauren - Nicole Chudley

Singer Gold - 19th February 2010

"Really fun! I enjoyed singing here it's really different and gave me a lot more confidence to sing to my ability. I loved the experience. Thank you."

Matt Evans

Singer Gold - 19th February 2010

"A really good experience and Dale was very helpful. Very happy with the results. A day to remember! Thank you!"

Anthony and Sarah Trinder

Singer Silver - 18th February 2010

"Staff were friendly and helpful, really made us feel at ease. We are not the best singers, we were amazed at our final version."

Lottie and Grace

Player Gold - 18th February 2010

"It was really enjoyable and we felt very comfortable, plus the guitar was gorgeous! We hope to return one day! It was very professional."

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