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Chris Watson

Singer Emerald - 6th November 2008

"Fun experience! Dale made me feel welcome I would recommend to anyone! Great day out!"

Marc Pirie

Singer Platinum - 6th November 2008

"Great experience. Alot more fun than just singing in the shower! Will definitely do again and recommend to friends!"

Sue wilson

Singer Platinum - 3rd November 2008

"What a fabulous gift for any budding singer or karaoke star. I've had a great time and can honestly say this is one the best things I've ever done. A big thank you to Dale who has the patience of a saint! And also thank you to my family for knowing how much I would enjoy myself!!"

Shannon Searle

Singer Silver - 2nd November 2008

"I loved it. It was really fun and I learnt alot about the recording industry and how it works. It helped that they made me feel at ease and made my experience very enjoyable and a memorable one. I'm definitely coming back!"

Rebecca Bartram

Singer Gold - 1st November 2008

"It was great, a good day. It was fun and Dale helped really well. Thanks guys."

Jade Towner

Singer Gold - 1st November 2008

"I was really nervous but really got into it. I really enjoyed the experience. Would love to do it again. It was very cool! Dale was really helpful and good at his job. Overall I loved it!!"

Gwyn Johnson

Singer Gold - 31st October 2008

"I was very apprehensive to begin with, but once I started to sing I really enjoyed myself. Many thanks to Dale, who I think made me sound better than I really am!!"

Jo Carr

Singer Platinum - 31st October 2008

"Loved the experience it is something I've wanted to do for a long time and everybody was really helpful and friendly. I would recommend this to anyone to have a go."

Annie Vohra

Singer Silver - 31st October 2008

"I thought my experience was very enjoyable and it was great to hear my own voice in a song. I would recommend it to anybody who likes singing."


Singer Silver - 30th October 2008

"Amazing, I felt like a star!!"

Boo Izzet

Singer Gold - 30th October 2008

"I had a great time! Had been wanting to do it for ages! Any nerves I had were soon forgotten as the staff made me feel so relaxed. Have to do it again!!"

Emily Mann

Singer Gold - 30th October 2008

"Fantastic experience. Hope to come again soon. Very welcoming and fun. Thank you."

Kerri-Jane Greenhalgh

Singer Silver - 30th October 2008

"The recording experience was great, I really enjoyed it. I was really nervous at the start, but as I went on, I got less nervous. It was good fun recording my song. I would recommend it to anyone who loves to sing."

Samantha Quinn

Songwriter Platinum - 30th October 2008

"It was fantastic! The production skills were very good! I had a very enjoyable day and I would definitely do it again."

Hannah Harmsworth

Singer Silver - 29th October 2008

"The experience was scary but amazing. I really enjoyed it and it was very welcoming! I well want to come again if my parents let me."

Hannah Bruce

Singer Gold - 29th October 2008

"I had an absolutely fabulous time, I felt really relaxed and would love to do it again."


Singer Gold - 29th October 2008

"It was awesome man! Dale managed to work magic on the catastrophy that is my voice. He also passes the rare abililty to handle my pessamistic views. And he likes slipknot! How awesome! Top class dude!"

Cara and Phoebe

Singer Gold - 28th October 2008

"I really enjoyed it, it was a great experience. My friend liked it and she won't stop singing the songs! I would really like to do it again."


Singer Silver - 28th October 2008

"Really fun, I loved it, it was great! I sang High School Musical, What I've been looking for!"

The Last Mile

Player Gold - 28th October 2008

"Phil: A fantastic, professional recording experience which was not only educational but thoroughly enjoyable and produced an end result to be truly proud of. Jack: I loved every minute of this experience Paul was really laid back and professional which made this experience incredible and the result shows"

Joanna Pratsides

Singer Platinum - 26th October 2008

"This experience fulfilled my ultimate dream. It was absolutely amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it!"

Ellie Welsby

Singer Gold - 25th October 2008

"I really enjoyed singing songs in the recording studio! I felt like a professional singer! I would of liked to sing more than 3 songs!"

Lila Flint Roberts

Singer Gold - 25th October 2008

"So much fun! Nerve racking to start with but I soon snapped out of it! It was cool that my mates could watch. They enjoyed it too! Thanks alot for the amazing day. See you soon. Lila x"

Rishi, Bivo and Nick

Player Platinum - 25th October 2008

"A fantastic day! Very professional and friendly. Virtually indestructable."

Jo Garth

Singer Platinum - 25th October 2008

"I had a fantastic time in the studio, I would definitely recommend the experience to anybody who loves to sing!! It was very relaxed and I enjoyed every minute. Dale you were fab!!"

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