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Camilla Ferguson

Singer Diamond - 7th November 2009

"I had an absolutely amazing experience and was encouraged so much. I've really been given a lot more confidence with my singing, thank you so much!"

Millie Keutenius

Singer Platinum - 6th November 2009

"I thought it was an amazing experience. It has boosted my confidence alot and it's brilliant that I have something to show for my performing that I can show other people. I have really enjoyed my day and would definitely come again in the future."

Ryan Rabbett

Singer Silver - 1st November 2009

"It was amazing I enjoyed every minute of it I would advise anyone to do it who enjoys singing."

Gemma Delaney

Singer Platinum - 1st November 2009

"It was really fun and I would definitely do it again."

Jennifer Ridley

Songwriter Silver - 29th October 2009

"Friendly and professional staff who deliver very professional recordings. Well worth the money. A very enjoyable experience."

Rosi Farrow

Singer Gold - 29th October 2009

"Very enjoyable. But nervous to begin with but soon felt comfortable. Would like to do it again soon!"

Olivia Kay - Hill

Singer Silver Plus - 28th October 2009

"Great experience, was really cool. Staff were great! I'm getting mum to bring me back for my birthday next year!"

Rebecca Sumner

Singer Diamond - 28th October 2009

"I had a really exciting time it was really enjoyable. I was pretty nervous on my first song but after that it was fine. The songs also came out better than expected. I would definitely come back for another experience and would recommend to friends and family."

Megan and Jessie

Singer Silver - 27th October 2009

"Our experience at Gift Daze was really enjoyable (as always!). I have been three times and have enjoyed everyone of them. I recommend that if you enjoy singing to come and try it out."

Beth (featuring Joe)

Singer Gold Plus - 27th October 2009

"It was a great experience, I was really nervous at first but they make you feel really comfortable. It was brilliant."

Mark Stevens

Singer Platinum - 27th October 2009

"An amazing experience. Dale was a wizard trying to make me sound good! Thank you very much!"

The Cup Cakes

Pop Star Party Platinum - 26th October 2009

"The girls had a 'mad' time. Brilliant, funky and cool like 'Cup cakes'"

Sarah Ford

Singer Gold - 26th October 2009

"It was brilliant! The best gift ever. I had so much fun."

Jade Sterry

Singer Gold - 26th October 2009

"I really enjoyed the time that I had in the studio as it was fun and challenging. Dale was really encouraging and brilliant at helping when things were'nt going well. Overall I loved every minute and would definitely recommend to my friends and will hopefully come back with friends to do a party session."

Katherine Speed

Singer Silver Plus - 25th October 2009

"I loved going in the studio and singing. It was cool."

Elena Munt

Singer Gold - 24th October 2009

"Brilliant experience. I'll definitely recommend it! However do practice before you go, the more you know the songs the less nervous you'll be."

Matthew Lockyer

Singer Emerald - 24th October 2009

"Fantastic time - will be doing it again for the third time!!"

Karen Lindley

Singer Silver Plus - 23rd October 2009

"Very accommodating and great fun! The experience is fab, but prepare as much as you can before hand! We had a great time and will come back!"

The Thursdays

Pop Star Party Platinum - 22nd October 2009

"Rebekah - I loved it, it was so fun it sounded amazing! Georgina - It was so cool and an amazing experience. Immie - It was amazing and I loved hearing my voice, thank you so much! Alice - I loved it, I want to do it again and hopefully come again. Fleur - I loved it and I danced so much. Millie - It was the best thing I have ever done, loved it! Ally - It was really really really really fun!"

The Platypuses

Pop Star Party Platinum - 18th October 2009

"A fun and entertaining experience - very professional."

G S 6

Pop Star Party Gold - 18th October 2009

"This was for our daughters birthday. She and her friends had a fantastic time and were completely overjoyed at hearing themselves. They said it was almost as good as being on x-factor!"

Maureen Pennington

Singer Platinum - 17th October 2009

"I felt more relaxed as the sesssion went on and I got more confident with each - I would recommend my day to anybody singer ir not."

Nettle Wine

Songwriter Gold - 17th October 2009

"Very relaxed, we had lots of fun. Paul our sound engineer was really good, hopefully we were alright too! Cheers guys!"

Lauren Carter

Singer Silver - 16th October 2009

"I enjoyed my time here and relaxed quite quickly and was able to sing better. I felt comfortable and would recommend it to anyone."

Sarah Sheldrick

Singer Silver - 15th October 2009

"Thanks for a lovely afternoon, I felt very welcome and relaxed. Would recommend to anyone!"

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