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Daniela Haynes

Singer Silver Plus - 14th October 2009

"The experience was really good. I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable. After having been nervous I actually want to come back!"

Phil Pearman

Singer Gold Plus - 14th October 2009

"A great experience, a bit nervous but Dale makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. I would recommend anyone who likes to sing to try this. Many thanks!"

Brad Allen

Singer Platinum - 12th October 2009

"Absolutely amazing day. Was very nervous on arrival but was made to feel very comfortable with a nice cup of tea and practice before we started and by the time I started the first song my berves were gone. Excellent experience! Many thanks."

Catherine Clark

Singer Silver Plus - 10th October 2009

"Fantastic. Frightening. but good fun! Thank's P's!"

Jason Lima

Singer Platinum - 10th October 2009

"I've had a great time. I've felt comfortable, relaxed and made to feel really welcome. Definitely worth the journey from wales!"

Matthew Butler

Singer Gold - 10th October 2009

"Great experience, was nervous to start with! Bought back memories of my old boy band days, highly recommend for everyone who enjoys singing!"

Kayleigh Usher

Singer Silver Plus - 9th October 2009

"So brilliant had so much fun."


Songwriter Platinum - 5th October 2009

"Had a wicked time. Dale makes you feel comfortable and makes it enjoyable."

Abbie Harman Feat. Nikki

Singer Diamond - 4th October 2009

"It was immense! Best day of my life so far! Dale was really friendly and awesome! My singing dream has come true! Thank you!"

Christopher O'Sullivan

Singer Gold Plus - 3rd October 2009

"Fantastic experience - even better than we hoped. Very professional. Supportive and great enviroment to do the best you can!"

Edith Wilkinson

Singer Silver - 3rd October 2009

"Excellent fun! A great experience!"

Ivone Dervish

Singer Gold - 3rd October 2009

"Experience good. Helpful people."

Toby Stockton

Singer Silver - 29th September 2009

"Considering what Dale had to work with it was a brilliant result!! Thanks very much!"

Jordan Coverdale

Singer Silver Plus - 27th September 2009

"The experience I had today was fantastic, professional and overall produced a great piece of music. I had help with the lyrics when I got stuck. Thank you for the great experience."

Chars Angels

Pop Star Party Gold - 26th September 2009

"I loved it, it was fantastic! All my friends loved it to! We felt like real superstars. It was an amazing experience."

Ross Allen

Singer Gold - 26th September 2009

"Great experience. Dale was very encouraging and put me at ease straight away. Really great day - will definitely be back and requesting Dale as our producer!"

Brian and Natalie Jones

Player Platinum - 25th September 2009

"Wonderful experience, very relaxed had a good laugh. Felt like a star for 4 hours! Great. Thank you."

Paksie Vernon

Singer Gold Plus - 24th September 2009

"Really good experience, after the first five minutes my nerves had gone thanks to Dale. Everyone here seemed really friendly. Definitely something I'd do again."

Robin Slater

Player Platinum - 22nd September 2009

"A thoroughly enjoyable experience. I had never recorded my singing/playing before, so I was very uncertain about how well it would go, but Paul guided me through very expertly. I can certainly tell my wife that the money she allocated for my '60th Birthday treat' was well spent! By the end of my four hour session, 7 songs were 'in the can' and I was exhausted but happy!"

Malcolm Blair

Player Silver - 19th September 2009

"A very enjoyable experience. I was dreading it but was made to feel very relaxed!"

Lynn Selby

Singer Silver Plus - 19th September 2009

"Had a brilliant time - first time doing this and I was a bit nervous but really enjoyed myself and very impressed at the way everything is done. Thank you."

Dan Bitmead

Songwriter Diamond - 17th September 2009

"The days were wicked, Dale is THE man!"

Danny Scott - Davies

Singer Gold - 15th September 2009

"Very good, I enjoyed it."

Elizabeth Hershkom

Singer Gold - 15th September 2009

"It has been a dream come true, Dale was absolutely brilliant and I felt so at ease, I have really enjoyed this experience and can't wait to do it again. I can't recommend it enough!"

The Jelly Beans/Mayhem!

Pop Star Party Diamond - 13th September 2009

"Loved it! The studios were warm but, Brilliant!"

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